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Of Objectives and Legal Basis
Article 1 The following procedure is intended to outline steps academic - administrative provisions of obtaining the degree of Doctor.
Article 2
The procedure is based on the following laws: Law No. 23733 Universitaria, Statute of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and General Rules of Graduate Studies UNMSM

The Thesis
Article 3 The process for obtaining a doctoral degree begins with the presentation on the topic of his thesis, which contains the title of the study, the problem situation, the research problem and rationale for the research. The document must have an extension not to exceed three double-spaced pages. The thesis topic is individual and will be presented in the first round of the doctorate by request to the Director of UPG according to academic and administrative structure of the UPGs, it will appoint two reviewers thesis topic. The reviewers have 15 working days maximum to report to the UPG.
The opinion is expressed UPG registration a copy of thesis topic is collected by graduating accounting for 70% of the grade the first year of research.

Thesis Project
Article 4

With the assent of the authors proceed to the registration of the thesis topic, the student submits an application to the UPG asking to be assigned a thesis advisor. The graduate adviser may suggest who should be at least the degree of Doctor. They may be consultants, academics from other universities with doctoral degrees. The management of the UPG opinion is expressed Thesis Advisor designation and notifies the designated graduate adviser. The thesis project is personal and is presented in the second semester of doctoral studies, according to the structure shown in Annex 1. The consultant will submit a report satisfactory to the UPG with a copy to graduating.
The graduate will submit a request to the Director of UPG requesting approval of the thesis project with a copy of the satisfactory report of the consultant and the copies as indicated by the UPG of the thesis project, which will represent 70% of the grade of the second course research.

Article 5 Each UPG as academic and administrative structure shall appoint the members of the committee members reviewing the thesis project (a methodologist and a reviewer of contents).
The review committee appointed to complete the revision of the document within thirty (30) days, put up immediately the report and rating. In case of disapproval the graduate has the option to submit up to 2 additional alternatives proposed thesis project for grading.

Acceptance of the Thesis
Article 6 Draft PhD thesis the UPG provide an opinion passing the thesis project and will continue the following process. The thesis project will run for 4 years from the date of the opinion.
Article 7 The graduate will submit a progress report of his thesis in the third cycle and the draft of the thesis in the fourth cycle, which account for 70% of ratings in the third and fourth respectively under investigation, according to the structure of the thesis shown in Annexes 1 and 2. The deadline to conclude the thesis may be extended for another year, upon application for extension of time directed at the direction of the UPG.
Article 8

Upon successful completion of the thesis advice, counsel shall inform the UPG, delivering a copy to the applicant.

In the Review and Approval of Sustainability Thesis
Article 9 The graduate shall submit an application to the Office of the UPG, requesting the appointment of judges informant thesis, attaching a copy of the report submitted by the successful consultant and ringed four copies of the thesis.
Article 10 The informant thesis jury will consist of two teachers, a specialist on the topic of the thesis by the same consultant, who in a period not exceeding 30 days shall issue a report, if the jury proposes amendments, the candidate in agreement with your advisor to incorporate the modifications within 60 days. The Director of the graduating request the submission of three copies, duly bound, in whose title must be entered compulsorily the following: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Graduate School and Graduate Unit.
Article 11 The graduate requested to expedite the declaration of the lift of the thesis, with accompanying documents have no outstanding commitments to the University according to the General Regulations of the EPG. The UPG will issue a prompt ruling for the degree of Doctor.
Article 12 Armed with a favorable report from the 3 Informant Jury members, the applicant requested the appointment of the examining jury, asking it to set day and time to lift the public oral argument before the jury and said ring-attached 6 copies of the thesis your application. The deadline to fix the date of lift should not exceed 10 days. The UPG communicate his appointment to the jury examiner will send a copy of the thesis to each of them for review.
Article 13 The Director of the Unit for the effect indicate date and time and appoint the members of the jury Examiner, which should consist of no fewer than five teachers with doctoral degrees among which may be included two members of the jury and the Informant thesis advisor. Jury chair the Principal Teacher Examiner the oldest of its members, unless the jury is composed of the Director of the Graduate, in which case it will assume the presidency. In sustaining the counselor can intervene with voice but no vote.
Article 14 The lift is public and one act. By graduating with failing grade, the UPG will point out a new date of lift is not more than 3 months of lift.

Summary procedure for obtaining Master's Degree
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Annex 1: Structure of the proposed master's thesis and doctoral
Annex 2: Structure of a master's or doctoral thesis
Annex 3: The formal presentation of the thesis